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The Patented and First Wild Horse Roundup Alternative by WPM is Achieving Successful Results!

A Groundbreaking Alternative to Wild Horse Roundups Launched by WPM of Albuquerque, N.M. is Meeting Their Goals for Humane Hands Free Wild Horse Management

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2020 / -- As the manager of a 22,000 acre ranch, Roch Hart faced first hand the need to find a humane way to oversee the wild horses living on the property. With an appreciation for the free-roaming horses on the ranch, he decided to seek a way to create a humane system that respected both the horses and their habitat.

He understood that the current methods of removing wild horses from the open range included costly and controversial government funded roundups involving helicopters and traps. These methods are both labor intensive and dangerous for horses and people involved. Upon conception of his goal five years ago, WPM was formed and the solution would be sought in science and technology. A team was pulled together to build a remote vaccine delivery system that would be the most humane system available in the world to deliver contraceptives to horses.

The WPM pilot is on the ranch Hart manages and to date WPM is meeting their goals. He shares that “they believe they are first with a remote vaccine delivery and a temperature controlled vaccine storage system that works in triple digit °f or freezing temps, a system that loads and injects multiple vaccines or a combination of vaccines for disease and contraceptives, a system that allows reading individual temperatures to gauge vaccines or detect emerging diseases with fever, and a system completely powered with solar energy and remote communications via satellite. He states because our average distance for a vaccination is 7 inches with the velocity of a squirt gun, the horses have a minimum reaction and in most cases return to the hub immediately. We believe we are as close as possible to a hand injection.”

With the recent release of the Congressionally requested Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management Report to Congress regarding the future of America’s wild horses and burros and the BLM’s request for additional long term funding that could reach into the billions to implement the plan, it is an important time to consider this new technology. Roch Hart states “The WPM Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System is ready to start now. And it won’t cost billions. Our system relies on technology rather than the stress of roundups to deliver contraceptives and microchips to the animals. And animals no longer have to be located or rounded up to deliver contraceptive booster shots. Surgical sterilization is not necessary either.”

In the video below a view of the hub monitoring station is seen. Mr. Hart states “I loved watching this young foal play, run, and interact with his dad. The grey mare, his mom and this stallion's only mare, was remotely given an immunocontraceptive about a week ago. She is older and having foals at her age is hard on her. Hopefully, we can allow her some rest time as it is likely she has given birth to 10 or more foals.”

This patented technology for wild horse management is supported by the New Mexico State University and National Labs. In a testimonial New Mexico State Veterinarian Ralph Zimmerman stated “WPM’s system has the potential to dramatically improve population management of wild and feral horses through a more effective, safe vaccine program and by eliminating the stress and expense of helicopters and roundups.”

If you have questions or are interested in making arrangements for an on-site field interview please contact Roch Hart.

Roch Hart Wildlife Protection Management +1 505-252-0301 email us here



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