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The House Committee on Appropriations to Discuss FY 2021 Interior and Environment Markups Today!

Funding for the FY 2021 wild horse and burro program will be addressed in the Interior markup session.

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2020 / -- $102,620,000 for the 2021 wild horse and burro program is included in today’s House Committee markup session.

Thanks to the vision of the founder of Wildlife Protection Management, Roch Hart, roundups and holding pens are no longer the only way to address wild horse populations. It was the goal of WPM to develop the first hands free and the most humane system available and that has been accomplished with their patented technology. In addition, their work has the potential to lower Bureau of Land Management spending by reducing the need for helicopter roundups and short and long term holding costs.

With the recent release of the Congressionally requested U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management Report to Congress regarding the future of America’s wild horses and the BLM’s request for additional long term funding to implement the plan, it is an important time to consider this new technology. Roch Hart states “The WPM Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System is ready to start now. And it won’t cost billions. Our system relies on technology rather than the stress of roundups to deliver contraceptives and microchips to the animals. In addition to wild horses, our WPM Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System can be adapted to many other species.”

If you have questions or are interested in making arrangements for an on-site field interview please contact Roch Hart.

Roch Hart Wildlife Protection Management +1 505-252-0301 email us here



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