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Smart Technology = A Humane, Effective Solution for Managing Wild and Feral Animal Populations

WPM’s patented Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System helps wildlife managers achieve comprehensive population goals in a manner that is best for individual animals, entire species, and habitats. Integrating the latest technology into a singular, smart solution, the system is designed to deliver vaccines and contraceptives, monitor health, track the location of animals, and capture heretofore unavailable data on individual animals, groups, and herds that can be used to support population health, resource allocation, and scientific studies. 

In addition with the technology developed for managing Wild and Feral Animal Populations, we can:

- Livestock Monitoring with LoRaWAN technology for real-time health and location tracking

- Early disease detection and distress monitoring for livestock

- Security features with sensors for gate, fence, and access point monitoring

- Instant alerts for suspicious activity

- Agricultural management with soil sensors optimizing irrigation schedules

- Improved crop yield and water conservation

- Climate monitoring providing crucial local weather data

- Strategic planning and disaster preparedness support

- Water level sensors for timely well and tank refilling notifications

- Remote control functionality via LoRaWAN network

- Wildlife tracking for capturing natural shots without disruption

- Early wildfire detection with integrated smoke detectors

- Equipment tracking with GPS-enabled tags to prevent loss or theft

- Smart energy management with solar panel monitoring and fuel level sensors.


Animals are implanted with an RFID microchip while feeding in the Hub. The chip’s unique ID number enables data collection, individual tracking, health monitoring, and alerts for booster vaccines.


Monitoring the location and health of domestic livestock is crucial for early disease detection and ensuring their well-being, ultimately leading to more efficient and sustainable ranching practices.

Livestock Monitoring


The system is supported by solar power and satellite communications for 24/7 operability. Operators anywhere in the world can send commands and retrieve data and video remotely.



We are currently developing facial recognition technology for wild horses. This would be a less invasive, more cost-effective alternative to RFID chipping.


The core of the WPM system is the Hub, a high-tech command center that attracts the targeted species with their preferred feed. Most animals are comfortable with the Hub in 24 hours.

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WPM’s cameras capture every angle of the animal to identify gender, support, and verify RFID microchips and vaccine delivery. All video is recorded, stored, and available for download.

Let's build something awesome together!

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