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Patented Technology for Wild Horse Management

Patented Wild Horse Technology for the 21st Century Can Replace Roundups, Reduce Short and Long Term Holding Expenses and Monitor and Treat Wildlife for Disease

UNITED STATES, June 8, 2020 / -- On a Friday evening, while watching television from his home, Roch Hart, C.E.O. and Founder of Wildlife Protection Management, uses his patented remote technology system to vaccinate a mustang mare with a contraceptive from his personal mobile device. This is the technology based direction available for future wild horse and burro management.

In November 2019, Wildlife Protection Management, located in New Mexico, received a patent from the U.S. Patent Office for their technology based management system. The system is designed to monitor and oversee wild horse populations without the need of expensive roundups and holding pens. Benefits of this technology system include:

  • . Significant potential savings for the wild horse and burro program by presenting a cost effective option

  • . The most humane high-tech option available

  • . Capable of monitoring and treating individual horses for disease to prevent it from spreading,

  • . Meets government standards

  • . WPM is supported by the New Mexico State University and is also working with National Labs in New Mexico to add facial recognition technology to their system through an NMSBA Assistance program. They hope to have this up and running by the end of the year. They are also identifying partners to help with commercialization.

  • . WPM technology is endorsed by New Mexico State Veterinarian Ralph Zimmerman.

“WPM’s system has the potential to dramatically improve population management of wild and feral horses through a more effective, safe vaccine program and by eliminating the stress and expense of helicopters and roundups.”

“WPM’s Remote Vaccine Delivery System is the first humane, high-tech, hands-off system created to manage free-roaming horses and other species in a manner that respects the animal and habitat. The system includes a feeding hub the horses enter under their own free will. Video cameras are used to identify the sex of the individual horses. While the horse is feeding, it’s injected with low-velocity darts: an RFID microchip that gives the horse a unique identity and enables tracking and if the horse is a female, a contraceptive that keeps her from becoming pregnant for a year. The process does not stress the horses; they freely return to enjoy the alfalfa in the hub on a regular basis. WPM’s system is safer, more effective, and less costly than roundups. It’s also easier to scale to address individual bands of horses or entire range or tribal land populations.

There is tremendous interest from policy makers, rangeland managers, tribal entities, and horse advocates who know we need something better than we have. The federal government has spoken; the solution must be scientifically sound and include safe and humane fertility control tools. We’ve got that and more,” states CEO Roch Hart.

Wildlife Protection Management’s ground breaking technology can bring wild horse and burro stewardship into the 21st century.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Roch Hart, C.E.O. and Founder of WPM.

Roch Hart Wildlife Protection Management +1 505-252-0301 email us here



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