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The WPM Remote Wildlife Vaccine Delivery System is a patented, groundbreaking approach to achieving population goals in wild and feral animals in the most humane, safe, and efficient manner possible, one that preserves species and habitats. Our patented system is designed to deliver vaccines and contraceptives, monitor health, track locations, and capture critical data on individual animals and their management.

We See Challenges as Opportunities


It is estimated that between federal, state, tribal, and private landowners that there is an excess of 400,000 + horses.


Overpopulation. Free-range horses and other species lead to deterioration of the land, the potential threat of zoonotic diseases to humans, and resources necessary to sustain that species and other species sharing the land with.


Roundups Method. It is widely agreed that contraception is the best way to manage horse/burro and other feral or problem populations and keeping populations under control helps to prevent the spread of diseases to humans, domestic animals, and other species. The current brute force management of roundups or chasing horses around with single-shot dart guns has proven to be ineffective, expensive, and inhumane. It costs the BLM anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000 per horse to capture, inoculate, and ID. Then, after a time that horse must be found again and the process must happen again.


In an effort to relieve the immediate problem, the BLM has rounded up approximately 50,000 horses with no quick adopters. It is costing taxpayers $50M a year to house and feed these horses.


WPM is a National Science Foundation Awardee technology startup company that is ready for the challenge!

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Animals are attracted with bait to the station hub for treatment


Vaccines, contraceptives, and RFID chips are delivered using remote technology


Centralized station management allows for a continuous and far-reaching operation


Streaming video is used for gender identification, animal monitoring, and proof of performance


RFID readers identify animals and ensure needed vaccines and detect fever in sick or diseased horses


“Each year, the U.S. free-roaming horse population increases by an average of 20 percent, which is environmentally and financially unsustainable. WPM’s Remote Wildlife Management System has the potential to dramatically improve population management of wild and feral horses through a more effective, safe vaccination program and by eliminating the stress and expense of helicopters and roundups.”

-Ralph Zimmerman, DVM, Office of the State Veterinarian, New Mexico Livestock Board



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