The tranquilizer dart will contain a nominal dose of a sedative. The tranquilizer dart is similar the to vaccine dart except that it will conation a sedative. The dart is designed to fall off the animal after the sedative is injected into the animal. The tranquilizer will calm and relax the animal for purposes of capturing for adoption or delivery of needed medical services.


Remote Operations Control Hub

Custom designed, Internet based control interface for all feeder station monitoring, communication system status, animal ID database access, Dart gun firing and verification of delivery.

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Bait Station Activity

The Bait station is designed to attract target animals with various feeds and also house video and communications equipment as well as the dart gun assembly.

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Ready. Set. Fire!

Our complete system allows our remote system operators to monitor animal activity at the bait stations, identify the animal, select the desired type of dart, and FIRE!